What is Digital Asset Management (DAM)?

Digital Asset Management, or DAM, is a software solution for managing digital assets. These digital assets are typically images and videos, including Photoshop files, PDFs, MP4 files, and more.

The term DAM can be applied to many software solutions, with the most basic being you classic desktop digital file library. However, today’s Enterprise DAM solutions are much more advanced, combining cloud storage with stringent security features, metadata editing, user management, and online proofing and approval systems.

These features enable enterprises to manage files throughout every stage of the digital asset lifecycle:

digital asset lifecycle

In businesses today, correctly managing these processes requires employees to have the necessary tools required to collaborate effectively across all these stages from remote locations. DAM provides a wide range of tools on a shared platform to help make this process go quicker and easier.

DAM in Action

Let’s take a look at this lifecycle in action with an example project:

Imagine that your firm has commissioned a freelance digital artist to begin work on a series of marketing and promotional images for your new product. The product is still under wraps, so you’ll need a secure location to keep the files where you can control who views them.

  • Many DAM solutions allow you to set granular access policies to ensure only individuals with the correct privileges can access the data. Your files are protected by using HTTPS and SSL encryption.


In addition to the freelancer, who lives in a different state, you need to get input and approval from several senior employees of your own business; some of them work at a different office, and others are regularly on business trips.

  • Cloud DAM solutions allow users to access files from anywhere in the world, and from almost any device. All they need is a browser and their username and password.


No matter how skilled the freelancer, a project is rarely perfect first time, so you expect to have several iterations before the finished product. You need a way for multiple people to sharing comments on the images with the freelancer quickly, if the process takes too long the deadline will be missed.

  • DAM solutions help you collaborate with different team members, no matter how far away. Features such as commenting, version control, and approval tagging make collaboration quick and painless.


Once the project has been finalized you need to make the finished files available to both your own team and selected marketing partners. They also need to be able to download the images in several different formats as it will be used in both print and web formats.

  • DAM allows you to share files and collections of files quickly and easily. Some DAM solutions allow users to download different sizes, resolutions, and formats.


After the project is complete, the images need to be stored in a safe location, ready to be re-used or re-worked for a new campaign.

  • DAM provides an easily searchable asset library. Files are securely backed up and easy to find.


Benefits of DAM

Looking at the previous example of DAM in action, you may be forgiven for pointing out that many of these benefits are provided by other apps. You can share files using cloud-based storage, communicate quickly and easily using email or Skype, and manage workflow with project management tools.

However, only a digital asset management solution provides all of these features and more in one package designed specifically for managing digital media.

Having all of these systems in one place provides businesses with considerable benefits:

  • Projects progress quicker, reducing the time to launch, and helping ensure your team always meet their deadlines.
  • Distribute assets, collaborate, and communicate quickly and easily with team members anywhere in the world
  • Easy-to-find files can be quickly repurposed and reused by teams throughout your organization, saving both time and money.
  • Central asset library ensures your entire organization has access to the same branding assets and helps your brand stay consistent across multiple markets and geographical areas.
  • Improve your asset security and ensure only authorized individuals have access. Define different permission levels for different users and groups.
  • Never lose an image again and save the time and money you’d have to spend replacing them.
  • Provide a professional, branded platform for sharing and collaborating; many high-end DAM solutions offer extensive custom branding and private label options, allowing you to present the platform as part of your website.

Getting Started with DAM

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